The Urban Coast multidisciplinary scientific journal is a product of the Center for Santa Monica Bay Studies, a partnership of Loyola Marymount University’s Seaver College of Science and Engineering and The Bay Foundation.  Urban Coast fulfills the Center’s mission to engage in multidisciplinary research on environmental and social issues affecting urban coastal areas around the world and to contribute to policies and actions that improve the environmental condition of these areas worldwide.  On a local scale, Urban Coast also reports on issues affecting Santa Monica Bay and its watershed.

The peer-reviewed Urban Coast is a forum for researchers, agencies, advocacy groups, and other science and policy leaders to engage in constructive discussion and information exchange on issues that are pertinent to our coastal environments. In this way, we find common ground and highlight the robust science, analyses, and assessments needed to catalyze good policy, design, and management measures.

Traditionally a print-only publication (ISSN 2151-6111), Urban Coast was transitioned into an electronic version in 2014 (ISSN 2151-612X).  To continue to attract top contributors and more actively and consistently engage in current issues, we will now be publishing more frequently as an online publication, with periodic printed issues.

The online publication will continue the journal’s unconventional approach; in addition to ensuring that the experiments, findings, and conclusions are scientifically sound, Urban Coast also requests that its authors and readers to engage in constructive discussion and information exchange.  Authors should feel comfortable offering different perspectives, especially new ideas.

Topics covered by Urban Coast include, but are not limited to: habitat preservation and restoration, stormwater management, water supply and conservation, monitoring techniques and indicators, emerging contaminants, BMP effectiveness, low impact development, climate change, sustainability, invasive species, resource management, socioeconomics, environmental justice, and other pertinent coastal science and policy topics.

Center for Santa Monica Bay Studies


  • Dr. John Dorsey, Professor, Loyola Marymount University, Seaver College of Science and Engineering, Dept. of Natural Science
  • Tom Ford, Executive Director, The Bay Foundation

Advisory Board

  • Karina Johnston, Director of Watershed Programs, The Bay Foundation
  • John M. Carfora, Associate Provost, Loyola Marymount University, Research Advancement and Compliance Office of Academic Affairs
  • Mark Gold, Acting Director, University of California, Los Angeles, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability
  • Dr. Jim Landry, Professor; Chair, Department of Chemistry; Sr. Director of Operations, Center for Urban Resilience (CURes)


Urban Coast applies the Creative Commons Attribution License (CCAL) to all works we publish. Under the CCAL, authors retain ownership of the copyright for their article, but authors allow anyone to download, reuse, reprint, modify, distribute, and/or copy articles in Urban Coast, so long as the original authors and sources are cited. No permission is required from the authors or the publishers. Use of images, separate from articles, requires permission from and citing of the source.

ISSN 2151-6111 (print)
ISSN 2151-612X (online)