Volume 1 Issue 1

00_Web_CoverLetter from the Editor – Sean Bergquist

This issue of Urban Coast features articles on today’s hot topics, new areas of research and policy, and long-standing issues in our region. U.S. Congressman Henry A. Waxman and California State Senator Fran Pavley, two of the region’s political leaders and authors of ground-breaking climate change policies in their respective legislative bodies, present their views on the issue, as well as inspiration for continued progress. In addition, two managers of local water resources, Richard Nagel and Stephen Maguin, discuss the future of our water supplies and their visions for sustainable water use. Bart Lounsbury and Keith Stolzenbach present new developments in water pollution policy and research, through the analysis of the new Ventura County municipal stormwater permit and recent research on air-borne pollutants impacting our waterways. Mark Abramson tracks the spread of an invasive species, the New Zealand mudsnail, wreaking havoc on streams in the Santa Monica Mountains. For a better understanding of how scientific researchers are assisting in the development of Marine Protected Areas in California, Dan Pondella has provided a detailed analysis and specific examples of the use of scientific guidelines and expert review in their development. Finally, case studies documenting restoration of Malibu and Topanga Creeks detail methods to restore precious habitat in our region.

In future publications, Urban Coast will continue to highlight issues aff ecting human and environmental health in urban coastal regions. Whether today’s hot topics, new areas of research and policy, or longstanding issues, Urban Coast’s focus on research and policy bridges the gap between these often separate fields. We welcome your submissions and support as partners in the development of Urban Coast.


Introduction – Shelley Luce (214 KB)


Los Angeles Leads the Way in Tackling the Challenge of Global Warming  – Henry Waxman (67 KB)

Doing Nothing: The Real Risk of Climate Policy – Fran Pavley (65 KB)

The Water We Drink … and the Water We Don’t – Adan Ortega Jr & Michael Gagan (631 KB)


Riding a New Wave to Clean Water: Stormwater Management Under the New Ventura County Stormwater Permit – Bart Lounsbury (1,923 KB)

Tracking the Invasion of the New Zealand Mudsnail, Potamopyrgus antipodarum, in the Santa Monica Mountains. – Mark Abramson (1,221 KB)

Air Meets Water: Atmospheric Deposition on the Horizon – Keith Stolzenbach (286 KB)

Science Based Regulation: California’s Marine Protected Areas – Dan J. Pondella II (254 KB)


Topanga Creek Restoration: Rodeo Berm Removal – Rosi Dagit (786 KB)

Texas Crossing Removal in Malibu Creek – Mark Abramson (180 KB)


Notes and Abstracts (251 KB)