Volume 2 Issue 1


Letter from the Editor – Sean Bergquist

We continue to receive informative and exciting articles about the many approaches to improving the environmental conditions of our urban coast and the progress and successes already achieved. Please contact our offices if you would like to discuss topics for submission or help support the continued publication of Urban Coast.

In this issue of Urban Coast, we continue to highlight urban coastal issues and the various restorative actions that planning and policy communities undertake to address these environmental problems. Let us take inspiration from an exclusive interview with Majora Carter, who is bringing the green economy to urban communities. Next, we move to the topic of runoff, with Mark Gold discussing the needs, options, and obstacles in obtaining steady funding to address the impacts of urban runoff. One way to reduce urban runoff is with low impact development (LID), and in this issue, local stormwater management leaders discuss regional approaches to LID and how various municipalities are implementing these principles. On the restoration front, experts discuss project implementation and the leading science of urban stream, coastal wetland, and near shore marine restorations. To add some international perspective, one of the regions most threatened by climate change, the low lying coastal city of Rotterdam, Netherlands, provides details of local planning efforts to address future impacts. Next, Heal the Bay examines international and U.S.-based models for marine debris policies and suggests recommendations for effective reduction and prevention policies. Finally, we learn about the challenges and successes of creating a treatment wetland in conjunction with the Playa Vista development.


Letter from the Director: “Oil Spill—When Tragedy Strikes, Healthy Wetlands Are Our Best Protection”  – Shelley Luce (135 KB)


Urban Greening with Majora Carter – Marc Beyeler (148 KB)

Funding for a Healthy Bay – Mark Gold (128 KB)

Urban Runoff and Stormwater: Strategies and the Need to Use All the Tools in Our BMP Toolbox – Ken Susilo (273 KB)

The County of Los Angeles’ Integrated Watershed-Based Approach to Complex Urban Runoff and Stormwater Management – Mark Pestrella (250 KB)

Runoff Water Conservation Associated with Urban Redevelopment – Desi Alvarez (167 KB)

Sustainable Watershed Paradigm Shift in Santa Monica – Dean Kubani, Neal Shapiro, and Rick T. Valte (376 KB)


Establishing High Marsh Habitats within the San Dieguito Lagoon Wetland Restoration Project – Peter Tomsovic (596 KB)

Development of Bankfull Regional Relationships in the Los Angeles Area for Application in Local Stream Restoration Projects – Allen Haden and Jessica Hall (302 KB)

Averting the Scourge of the Seas: Local and State Efforts to Prevent Plastic Marine Pollution – Sarah Sikich and Kirsten James (310 KB)

Climate Change Adaptation in Smart Delta City Rotterdam – Piet Dircke, Peter Wijsman, and Arnoud Molenaar (207 KB)

Giant Kelp Community Restoration in Santa Monica Bay – Tom Ford & Brian Meux (317 KB)


Constructed Wetlands Help Achieve Water Quality and Conservation Goals at Ballona – Edith Read (391 KB)


Notes and Abstracts – (218 KB)

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